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A Bit About Us

What is your driving force? For me, it's the energy and inspiration I draw from the Changing Lifestyles Women’s Group (CLWG). Over the years, I've become a trusted guide for those in search of inspiration, assistance, or advice. Embracing this role with intention, I started to share more openly about my passions, reflections, and inquiries about various aspects of life. I firmly believe that, in order to truly flourish in this ever-changing world, one must bring their complete self to the forefront - their unique personality, sense of humor, and above all, their heart. And this is the commitment I uphold.

Everything we do at CLWG is anchored in our fundamental belief that no one should ever feel isolated or alone. Each of us embarks on our own unique journey through life, but it need not be a solitary one. Our promise is to provide a secure and comforting environment for open discussions, active listening, continual learning, and mutual support.

We founded this Group on the premise that each one of us possesses innate resilience, and this resilience can be nurtured through the collective support of a caring community. Our members create a conducive environment for personal growth, introspection, education, and relationship-building.

At CLWG, we understand that our strength comes not just from the words we advocate but, crucially, from the actions we take through our initiatives. I created the Changing Lifestyles Women’s Group with a mission to reciprocate the invaluable support so many women have bestowed upon me.

African American Kids Dancing
Classmates in the Library
Yoga Class
Women in Workshop
Multi Ethnic Girls
Happy Friends Laughing


Just a breath of fresh air...No matter what we going thru, I know I'm gonna read something uplifting...And it helps me to pass it along..#QUEENS
- Trina Bennett

I love the fact the you are allways Encouraging others.
-Debbie Gatlin

I know that you are a Genuine person and I appreciate that you are not afraid to be who God has CALLED you the to Be (BLESSED)
-Marie Grace

I love watching you grow and sharing your knowledge to help others grow... BLESSINGS!!!
- Betty Murray

You are building a table for us all!
-Sheila Arrington

I LOVE the positive words
-Kareen Benson

I love this group because it always has something positive to read and it always seems to be right on time. Very uplifting. Had inspired me many a days. Thank you
-Sheila Hamilton.

I love this group because it celebrates women on a regular, there is support for those who need it, and there is always uplifting and inspiring thoughts shared here.
-Autaya Elex

You are an AMAZING woman of God!


Grateful for the opportunity to be in a group of women that are supportive loving and caring
-Sharon Willis

You provide phenomenal quotes, info & encouragement. It REALLY hit different on a rough day!!! Changing Lifestyles is magnificent
-Toya Kemp

I love this group because it's positive and is the epitome of what we as women strive for spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. The connection is everything
-LR Wilson

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