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Connecting with God Journals

About the Journal:

Are you a woman seeking a deeper connection with God? Whether you are a single mom, divorcee, widow, separated, married, or single, this prayer devotional journal is tailored to guide you on your journey. In Connecting with God Women's Devotional Prayer Journal, Sharmaine Russell presents a practical approach to prayer, equipping Christian women from all walks of life with the tools to pray effectively and witness tangible results.


Over the course of 30 days, you will embark on a transformative experience, exploring inspirational prayer points and developing personalized prayer plans. Through Sharmaine's and the Holy Spirit, guidance, you will learn to strengthen your faith, restore your confidence, and foster a loving, receptive relationship with the Almighty God. Discover the significance of timing and the art of effective communication with your Heavenly Father.


As you dive into the pages of this devotional journal and take action by earnestly praying, be prepared to witness supernatural results manifesting in your life. Your words will become a testament to the incredible power of God's grace and love. Open your heart, explore the depths of prayer, and embrace a life filled with divine intervention and extraordinary blessings.

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Connecting with God:
30 Day Devotional Prayer Journal

The Connecting with God Women's Devotional Prayer Journal offers a unique approach to prayer for a life worth living, tailored for Christian women from diverse backgrounds. With a focus on equipping women with the necessary tools to pray effectively, this guided journal for women serves as a valuable resource for deepening your connection with God and experiencing tangible results in your prayer lives.

  • The daily prayer journal for women provides a structured framework for deepening your understanding of God through prayer.

  • This inspirational journal guides you in developing a personalized prayer plan tailored to your specific needs and desires.

  • You learn the art of effective communication with God, approaching Him with reverence, humility, and authenticity.

  • The Christian journal for women emphasizes the significance of timing in prayer, aligning your requests with God's perfect timing for manifestation.


By following the journal's prayer guide and praying earnestly, you will gradually develop a profound and fulfilling relationship with the divine, fostering a constant and intimate connection that brings deep spiritual rewards.


Connecting with God Physically: 
30 Day Devotional Prayer Journal


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Connecting with God Financially Front Cover.jpeg


Connecting with God Financially: 
30 Day Devotional Prayer Journal


Connecting with God Mentally and Emotionally:
30 Day Devotional Prayer Journal

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